Jordan 500

Jordan is a puny town chick dreaming of an actress career in a huge city. But unpleasant reality quickly set in over her fantasies. In the big city she was not particular - just another pretty face trying to commence a career... Jordan instantly realized that getting an actress might not be as easy as she expected. With every passing day, with every unsuccessful audition, she became more and more depressed. After one night having rich, spectacular guy out of the club they acquired in her bedroom and then the afternoon arrived. She had been alone in her bed. Mike had vanished, but... on her nightstand she discovered $300 along with a note:"You're amazing but you need to wake up. Things are not always what they seem." Following the very first shock handed, she turned into angry. "He treated me like a whore! How can he do something like that?" She commenced to rethink last night's events. 300 dollars was enough to cover her flat for the next week or two. Maybe promoting her body was really a solution for that which she called"makeshift issues"? She liked orgy, and it was easy currency. Additionallythere was a small opportunity, that doing this she could eventually meet the ideal person to assist her career. Thus, you've got 100 days to find true love or become number one contact gals in town - the decision is yours. Play now »