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Hi everyone. More than just a decade ago,I never believed I could print a game to newgrounds as a game programmer. And of course a grownup game. Now I'm here. I am PinkZerda. Hope you enjoy my work:) Please make a comment if you've some suggestions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swf document for webmasters:https://www.patreon.com/posts/22585451 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is actually the very first version of a fresh adult RPG referred to as"The Maze:D Traveller". You've accidentally uncovered a magical gateway to another area inwards the drawer of your bedroom . After being drawn against your will, the portal site has transported you to the next dimension together with your room! Now you have to find your place in this aggressivenew world. Construct your harem of hot, warrior babes; choose their garbs; investigate creepy places together; struggle through mazes full of lustful creatures; complete quests and witness a few horny, dream nymphs get fucked. Appreciate this expansive throwback to old school, dungeon crawling, western RPG's... with a sexy twist.
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