Jordan 500

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Jordan is a smallish town lady dreaming about an actress career in a big city. But harsh reality quickly set in over her desires. Here, in the big city she wasn't special - just another pretty face trying to start a career... Jordan instantly realized that becoming an actress may not be as easy as she expected. With every passing day, with each unsuccessful audition, she became more and more depressed. After one night with wealthy, spectacular man from the club they landed up in her bedroom and then the morning came. She was alone in her sofa. Mike had disappeared, but... on her nightstand she found $300 plus a note:"You were amazing but you will need to wake up. Things aren't always what they seem." After the very first shock passed, she eventually become furious. "He treated me like a whore! How could he do something like that?" She started to rethink last night's events. 300 bucks was more than enough to pay for her plane for the next week or two. Possibly selling her body was a solution for what she called"temporary issues"? She liked fucky-fucky, and it was easy currency. Additionally, there was a slight chance, that doing that she could ultimately meet the perfect person to help her with her career. Therefore, you have 100 days to find true love or become number one call nymphs in town - the decision is yours.