Dungeon of Cataclysm [v 4]

Interesting adventure and interactive flash game. The game takes place at a dream kingdom that is distant. You're a courageous resident that must go on a journey that will be lengthy and hazardous to save your own empire. You have to talk to the doll in the tavern. Use the arrow keys to navigate. Just press the"Z" button to bypass the dialogs. Go to the castle's gate and Speak to the guard. You must be tested by her. Defeat him in conflict using magic and physical strength. When you do, allow it to worry free-for-all. And you'll be able to go on a trip through the dark and scary labyrinths. There are a good deal of creatures in them, kill all of them. Moreover, you can love several water fairies. You can have fucky-fucky with them. Explore the labyrinth. Kill creatures, collect paintings and fuck - .

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The Maze:D traveller

"The Maze: D gentleman" is the the game rigorously for adults because besides fanatsy themed adventures you'll also find some explicit sensual content here so in case if you haven't attained legal age yet find yourself another 1 game to play. For eveyrone else - get ready to participate in an venture which begins soon after you detect that the msyterious portal resulting in another field... on your own bedroom! Ofcourse the quirocity has played a bad joke on you and now you are in another deminsion attempting not only to find your place in this fresh amazing world but to get through at first. Visit locations, fight dangeorus and lustful monsters, get sexy babes to your harem and ofcourse explore the labyrinths in order to figure out how you can get back home.

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